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Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF)

What is PCRF?

PCRF stands for Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF) and is part of your Medina EC monthly bill.

Medina EC 's rates are based on two main components - the actual cost of the wholesale power we buy and the cost for us to get the power to you. The majority (approximately 60%) of the rate you pay is for the wholesale electricity supplied to your home or business. Essentially, the PCRF is the difference between Medina EC's rate, predicted in advance, and the actual rate paid for wholesale electricity.

If your statement has a positive PCRF, then the wholesale cost of power was higher then Medina EC's set rate and the PCRF is making up the difference. If your statement shows a negative PCRF, then the price of power was lower than the set rate and you're getting credited that difference.

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